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Your web site and newsletter are informative and answer many questions of what to expect and how to respond.
M. Olson

Ilike the information about the unions especially seiu Ia member not by choice and the newsletter feed good information
C. Pilz

Excellent programming. Learning a lot!!!!
J. Deer

Getting into a pickle

Mt. Olive Pickle Co. agreed to pay more money for cucumbers and to “encourage” growers to recognize the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (affiliated with the AFL-CIO) in exchange for ending a five-year boycott. About 2,500 workers provided to farms by the North Carolina Growers Association have already signed authorization cards. There is a no-strike pledge (not sure how that is enforceable) and workers may receive between a 2 and 3% raise from Olive Pickle’s largesse (but ONLY when they pick cucumbers for Mt. Olive – other growers are still paying the lower rates). Which is good, since union dues are 2.5% annually.

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