Terrific, particularly on breaking news issues
P. Lantingan

Although I do not own a company any more, and never did have more than four employees, I never had a good interaction with a union. I appreciate this site because it's good to know that business owners can get help in dealing with unions. I believe that in spite of some good results from union efforts in our nation's history, the bottom lien score for unions overall are about a minus-5 on a scale of minus 10 to plus 10. If I had a large company here in Florida, I'd be watching out for unions very much, because our Governor is on the make for a presidential bid, and he's a RINO. Even though our state is RTW, that can change. It is good to have a resource like the Labor Relations Institute for companies that need help, especially when our so-called President has never seen a law he won't break for his own advantage.
R. Canary

Excellent, direct, relevant and well written
D. Morris

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Happy Holidays to You and Your Family from LRI

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naughty_niceClassic from “Union Toons”


Classic from “Union Toons”


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