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Ilike the information about the unions especially seiu Ia member not by choice and the newsletter feed good information
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Love your EFCA articles.

Fight For $15

A push to increase the minimum wage in Louisiana failed in a Senate committee. The state’s minimum wage will remain at $7.25/hour for now. Workers in St. Louis, however, had a different outcome earlier this month.

On May 5th, a $10 minimum wage went into effect for all employees working at least 20 hours per year inside St. Louis city limits; this, after a circuit court lifted the 2015 injunction on the city’s minimum wage ordinance.

A Republican bill in Maine that allows employers to pay less than the minimum wage to workers who make up the difference in tips received bipartisan support earlier this month with a vote of 11-2.

Meanwhile, workers are suing the DNC for failing to pay minimum wage and denying compensation for overtime. Interesting, considering the Democratic platform for a $15 minimum.

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