It appears that the Lame Duck Session is starting early this year!  Congressman Brad Sherman (D - California) has introduced a bill to eliminate right-to-work laws in the 22 states that have them.

While claiming that right-to-work laws are “unfair” to unions, Sherman revealed the real reason for the move, “These laws are harmful to states like California… because now we have to compete…” Yep - California does NOT have a right-to-work law to protect workers who don’t want union representation. Thus California’s more heavily unionized businesses are struggling to stay competitive.

Of course, Sherman has acquired the plaudits of the Big Labor community. “With the introduction of legislation banning so-called right-to-work, Congressman Sherman has once again demonstrated his strong commitment to working families,” said Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO.

This could back fire on Big Labor. If they invest too much political capital and/or money in this fight, they may damage their dwindling reputation with working class Americans even more, just before their potentially last big opportunity during the upcoming lame duck session. The backlash could even provide more momentum for conservative candidates during the mid-terms.

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