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Elections Review Report

 LRI RightNow 2015 Annual Elections Review

This is just a sample of the up-to-date information in our LRI RightNow 2015 Annual Elections Review . Every page is full of “ready to use” labor data you can quickly use in a strategy document, budget request, training or other presentation. The compelling charts and tables provide up-to-the-minute facts from the most trusted source for labor-related data.


What’s Inside? You receive:

• An Summary of NLRB  Elections for 2015
• Links to Interactive Election Maps
• NLRB Representation (RC) Elections Summary
• NLRB Decertification (RD) Elections Summary
• Most Active Unions in Representative Elections
• Most Active Unions in Decertification Elections
• Representation Elections per NLRB Region
• Decertification Elections per NLRB Region
• Representation Elections per State
• Decertification Elections per State
• Representation & Decertification Elections per Industry
• Representation & Decertification Elections per Unit Size
• Map of NLRB Regions


The visual representations of this important data will help you make good decisions (and great impressions). Make the LRI RightNow Elections Reviews a part of your labor strategy arsenal. (the images below are examples from a prior report)


Interactive Elections Map

Elections Summary

Elections By Industry

Click here for a table of contents and excerpt from a similar prior report.

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