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Had an opportunity to meet and listen to Phil in this week's CUE Conf. His presentation was an absolute home run - which is very appropriate for the host city - home of the Louisville Slugger. This information clearly focuses on "preventive medicine" which should eliminate or greatly minimize the risk of any serious "illness" - Left of The Boom is a great way to show importance of being pro active and what happens when we wait to react. Great job !
S. Bloom

Excellent coverage of labor issues such as EFCA.
P. Landau

I saw this video at a recent seminar on union avoidance and it scared me to realize how easily employees could be "convinced" to sign a union card.
J. Wadle

Don't look now, but the BIG dog just entered the room

After some recent stinging defeats in California (where voters in LA and San Diego suburbs approved measures to prevent Wal-Mart from opening super centers in their communities) Wal-Mart has more than doubled its spending (over $3 million so far this year) on political elections in the state. In addition to supporting candidates for local office favorable to Wal-Mart expansion, there is the matter of Proposition 72, which would require all employers in the state to provide health insurance to workers (side note: why does anyone do business in California?) Wal-Mart predictably has become the poster-child for those in favor of Prop 72, who cite a “study” by union-supported hacks (more about that here) that claim that poor Wal-Mart workers cost the state millions in public-funded health insurance. This fight will be interesting to watch.

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