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Criminals And Bullies

Some people truly believe the days of union corruption, bullying, and intimidation tactics are a thing of the past; well it’s not – far from it in fact.

Joseph Dougherty - Source: Philly.com

Joseph Dougherty – Source: Philly.com

Take the Ironworkers Local 401 for example who, under the charge of Joseph Dougherty, committed an immense array of flagrant acts in recent years including: attempted arson at a Malvern construction site after the builder resisted calls to hire the union, the successful 2012 arson of a Quaker meeting house in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, the baseball-bat beatings of nonunion workers outside a Toys-R-Us, and the extortion of a nonunion builder who was erecting an apartment complex in Philadelphia. Dougherty was found guilty on 6 counts in January. Government prosecutors are seeking a 22-year sentence for the 73-year-old former union leader. Dougherty will likely die in prison.

In the white crime arena, two current and one former union officer were indicted on embezzlement and kickback charges earlier this month. Rocco Miranti and Johnnie Miranti, business manager and secretary-treasurer respectively of Novelty and Production Workers Local 223, and Louis Smith, former president of Teamsters Local 810, have been accused of accepting over $1 million in kickbacks from an outside vender in exchange for an arranged healthcare benefit scheme.

Last but not least on today’s ledger, this footage shows Dolores Huerta, cofounder of United Farm Workers alongside Caesar Chavez, pushing a member of her union in an effort to keep said member from speaking with California Governor Jerry Brown. Members of the union travelled three-hours that day to implore the Governor’s help in releasing the union’s jurisdiction over them. This, after United Farm Workers have continuously ignored a decertification vote held in November 2013.

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