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I have used this site since the Introduction of EFCA. Great info., reliable comments and I have respect for those leading this organization.
T. Newport

thank you for providing the truth about unions.

Good Information, easy to read
A. Graham

Interesting Toronto Star article on a union drive at The Trump Hotel

The Toronto Star recently published a story about a “quickie election” (5-day election) in Toronto Canada. There are a number of interesting points in the article. I really thought this article illustrates some key Left of Boom points.

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Vox: Study explains why American labor unions are even more doomed than they look

Really interesting article on what happens in the year after a union wins a close election. Spoiler alert: employees make less money and many of the companies don’t survive. Here’s an excerpt:

But a question that doesn’t get asked enough is what would happen if you saw more successful organizing drives. A recent paper by Brigham Frandsen asks the question and delivers a pretty depressing answer for anyone hoping more vigorous organizing efforts will transform the fate of the American middle class…

What Frandsen did was specifically look at the outcomes of close unionization elections. That let him compare, not union companies to non-union ones, but companies that unionized to companies whose workforces had similar attitudes toward unionization but didn’t quite get over the line. It’s a look, in other words, not at the characteristics of union membership — which is often a long legacy — but of the

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Labor Relations Insight

by Phil Wilson

How to Win an Ambush Election

ambush-election-coverToday’s article has one simple purpose. I want you to download (and read) our latest White Paper How to Win (And Prevent) an Ambush Election. We just released it today. If you want to save some time you can skip reading this article and download the White Paper here: http://LRIonline.com/ambush-election

Why should you download the White Paper? The ambush election rule is going to happen. Soon.

I argue in the paper to expect the rule sometime before Member Schiffer’s term expires in December. While Noel Canning derailed the last version of the rule, this new rulemaking is less likely to get derailed in the courts. We may get lucky, but you should plan for the rule to go live no later than early

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Does the Golden Rule Violate Section 7 of the NLRA?

Mr. Solomon, God is holding on Line 3

I just finished co-presenting a webinar on the NLRB’s recent attacks on employer policies, especially employee handbooks (we will do a reprised version of this webinar for LRI clients soon). One of the things we discussed was the Acting General Counsel’s social media “guidance” memos (which frankly don’t provide a whole lot of guidance). The last social media guidance memo talks about policies that limit harassment, bullying and disparagement of co-workers. Surprisingly the Acting General Counsel wants to restrict an employer’s ability to limit these types of comments. So while it is OK to prohibit “discriminatory remarks, harassment and threats of violence” (I guess the Acting General Counsel figures everybody knows the legal definition

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Family Values Indeed

Unions have always argued that companies don’t care about families. But we’ve noticed an emerging trend during organizing campaigns – especially against the SEIU – where this theme has been the core message to employees. Recently one of our consultants ran across The Labor Project for Working Families, backed by a number of labor unions, who released a video ad about the organization’s work (based on the color scheme we’d guess the SEIU had more than a little to do with it). The group is dedicated to creating alliances between unions and community groups which they say will fight for workers’ rights to family leave, paid sick days and flexibility. Again, this isn’t new, but what is interesting is the emphasis and focus – definitely worth watching.

Webinar: How To Stay Several Steps Ahead Of The Union Wreckage In 2012

Join us on our complimentary webinar we’re having on June 21, 2012 at 3PM Central.

============================================================== How To Stay Several Steps Ahead Of The Union Wreckage In 2012 Date & Time: Thursday June 21, 2012 at 3PM Central ==============================================================

We thought we’d post a quick reminder on our blog to learn more about what we’re going to cover, so you can register to reserve your seat today.

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As always, we’re sharing a lot of current updates relative to what’s happening in labor law news and how it directly impacts your business.

We hope you’ll join us…


Phillip Wilson


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UAW / General Motors contract

What are work rules? They are agreements negotiated in the contract between management and the union covering how the employees are to be classified, how many breaks they get, how much time off they get, who can do which jobs, how discipline is to be enforced, etc. The goal of the rules is not to enhance productivity or production quality. It is to provide opportunities for featherbedding, increase numbers of (overpaid) jobs for union workers, and minimize how much they have to actually work. This is important because it’s at least in theory possible that the industry could be making money even at current wages, if they could be provided with the flexibility to increase

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Restaurants Under Attack from SEIU?

This week we issued a press release on a recently leaked memo that outlines a plan for the SEIU to attack fast food restaurants. I did a little additional research and noticed that unions are organizing restaurants (technically the “food services and drinking establishments” sector) at an incredible pace this year. Right now they are on pace to more than double their organizing activity over 2009. Take a look:

Union Organizing in Restaurants and Bars

By the way, the release got picked up on more than 50 news outlets, including:

Forbes.com CNBC.com The Street StreetInsider The Journal Record Pizza Marketplace

Union Free: How to Lose A Union Election: Bonus TIPS

Union free elections are lost for many reasons. As we discussed in Part 3, one reason companies lose elections is because they break the Labor Board rules. That’s why our number one rule for consultants and clients is don’t cheat. We have never committed an unfair labor practice in thousands of elections because we follow these rules.

Here are some bonus tips on how to avoid these problems (by the way, the easy way to remember the rules is to remember the word TIPS). These slip-ups often lead to unfair labor practices and overturn elections.

Threats: A common error is threatening employees. Any threat that a bad thing will happen if an employee votes for the union is unlawful. It’s also a bad campaign strategy. A manager who threatens an employee is making a terrible assumption. He assumes that the threatened employee will do what he wants. This

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How to Lose a Union Free Election: Part 3 - Cheating

The third way to lose your union free election is by cheating. We have two core beliefs all of our consultants agree to follow. First, we treat union free campaigns as a teaching event. We treat voters with respect and know our job is to help them learn about unions and make their own decision about what is best for them. Our second core principle is that we don’t cheat. By cheating I mean violating the National Labor Relations Act rules on how to conduct a free and fair election.

Unions may not believe that we follow these beliefs, but we take them very seriously. As a lawyer I want my clients stay well within the ground rules of the Act. This is not just good legal practice. It’s also the best way to win.

There are some consultants who like to “push the envelope” during union free elections.

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