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Student Socialists Strung Along By Union Group

If you need a humor break, watch this 20-minute episode of Louder with Crowder, where he infiltrates a socialist student group who is supposed to be teaming up with a union to deliver a protest…

…except the union is a no-show!

Ok – you may not need to watch the whole thing – your pity meter may be red-lined within a few minutes.


Alright – grab a cup of coffee and get back to the real world!

Labor Relations Insight

by Phil Wilson The more things change…

My tenth Christmas was the worst. It started out well enough. I knew I was getting one of those handheld LED football games. This was the one where you could play head-to-head with whoever had the audacity to think they could compete with you. My brother Kyle was first in line.

As the big day approached we were giddy with anticipation. Kyle’s special talent is talking people into stuff that will either get them into trouble or hurt (or both). He honed this gift on me throughout our childhood. In this particular case, he talked me into opening up the present early.

I wasn’t a total idiot, so I made him help me unwrap the present. We played a few quick games, then carefully re-wrapped

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Union Bailout Update

William Emanuel Source: St. Louis/Southern Illinois Labor Tribune

The NLRB is getting up to full strength with the nomination of Peter Robb for General Counsel and the confirmation this week of Bill Emmanuel to fill the remaining board seat, giving the board a Republican majority for the first time since President Bush was in office. The search is on to find a successor to Phil Miscimarra when his term expires in December, and one of the front runners appears to be management lawyer John Ring, of the Morgan Lewis law firm.

In an interesting twist to the saga of board composition, in his first decision new Republican board member Marvin Kaplan sided with Pearce in a 3-member vote denying an employer’s request

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Perception & Reality

In a tug-of-war of polling results, Gallup and OdinText came to two different conclusions. According to Gallup’s latest data, union approval is now at 60% – up from the 48% low in 2009.

On the flip side, on Labor Day OdinText ran a text analytics poll, asking 1500 Americans “What are your thoughts and impressions of Workers Unions?” As the image below indicates, only 40% indicated they were in favor of unions, with 25% indicating they were not in favor of, and the remaining 35% being indifferent. Text analytics polls supposedly do a great job of quantifying the reasons behind the results, and we suggest visiting the article for the details.

Interestingly, Gallup summed their results in this fashion: “Americans remain more pessimistic than optimistic about unions’

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Do As I Say…

It is almost comical how often union hypocrisy is on full display, while unionistas don’t even notice, or simply turn a blind eye. In the latest example, the alt-labor organization Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) wants to hire someone to spearhead its campaign to raise the minimum wage for tipped workers. The ads for the position specify “an experienced legislative advocate [who will] live and breathe this campaign from now until the end of the New York State legislative session,” yet also specify that the worker will be an independent contractor, not an employee.

The ROC has railed against businesses that consider workers as independent contractors. Once again, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Who Needs Another Social Network?

Apparently, this millennial thinks the unionistas do. Larry Williams Jr. was exposed to the Teamsters while still in college, and after taking a healthy dose of Big Labor kool-aide, sunk about $25,000 out of his own pocket over the years creating a simple database to help people looking for union contact information. On Labor Day of this year, a more robust social media component (á la FaceBook) was added in an attempt to enhance the sites ability to aid organizing activities.


UnionBase is the next iteration of technology/social media attempts to make unions seem relevant to today’s workers. Our Walmart gave us the WorkIt app, and CoWorker.org launched an online organizing tool. It is unlikely any of these online or mobile tools will make much of

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SEIU Watch

Cherie Mancini

The SEIU is probably our favorite place for in-fighting drama. Cherie Mancini, who was ousted as Nevada SEIU Local 1107 president in April, is suing to be reinstated, and to prevent the International from placing the local into trusteeship – a favorite gambit of the SEIU International for maintaining control. Supposedly, the removal stemmed from infighting within the local between Mancini, and former local executive vice president Sharon Kisling, who was also removed and suspended. Seems like just another episode of All My Children.

Across the desert in San Diego at SEIU Local 221, the largest public employees union in the region, the union representing the SEIU staff (CWA) filed a letter blasting the SEIU for the way it treats its own staff. The letter

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Healthcare Pulse

The healthcare industry has seen recent wins, losses, and expenses. In Pennsylvania, nurses at Penn Highlands DuBois turned down the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals, while nurses for Shasta Regional in California voted 241-27 to join the California Nurses Association. In Riverside County California, the Board of Supervisors approved up to $7 million to hire replacement nurses, minus the $1.5 million already spent during the nurses strike there.

It’s All Academic

Campus organizing of grad student adjuncts hit a roadblock in Minnesota when the Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled that adjuncts could not be placed in the same bargaining unit as tenure track and non-tenure track faculty.

Union Pension Turmoil

A new report released by Cherion, a Virginia consulting company, estimates 114 multi-employer pension plans are underfunded by $36 billion and are expected to go insolvent within two decades. In addition, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation has announced that its program to backstop such plans will run out of money in 2025.

Source: Cheiron Study

The Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014 was designed to prevent the PBGC from running out of money by allowing businesses to negotiate pension benefit cuts in an effort to mitigate the underfunding problem. Using this mechanism, a group of New York Teamsters voted to reduce benefits by 30% beginning next month.

Kroger announced it would follow UPS in extracting itself from the

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