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Is Militancy In Health Care Good For You?

CNA Nurses

Last month the National Nurses United called for strikes at eight California hospitals along with the University of Chicago Medical Center. This decision followed a slew of fights between management and the union. Management claimed the union was demanding more money on top of the yearly raises already offered by the hospital. The union claimed the hold-up was entirely due to staffing issues. Two days before the strike was set to take place, the union called it off claiming that it found victory in negotiations.

According to Ken Jacobs, chair of the Center for Labor Research and Education at the University of California at Berkeley, this sort of controversy is not abnormal for NNU. “National Nurses United is a more militant union in general, in terms of how they’ve decided to carry out their work,” he said.

SEIU Watch


SEIU United Healthcare West’s attempt to prevent Prime Healthcare from purchasing the six Daughters of Charity Hospitals in California is finally coming to a close.

It all began when Prime Healthcare refused to sign Regan’s sweetheart unionization deal with California Hospital Association. This is the one where CHA executives agreed to give SEIU-UHW every possible advantage in organizing their 60,000 workers in exchange for some political favors on the union’s end.

PrimeHealth_HQ_MonicaLam_CaliforniaWatchSince the refusal, Regan’s SEIU has been doing everything possible to stop Prime Healthcare’s purchase of the Daughter of Charity Hospitals. Originally, the union was just playing interference –

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Positive Employee Relations: What Should I Say to My Employees About Health Care Reform?

Most provisions of the new healthcare reform law don’t go into effect until 2014, and many of the provisions are poorly understood without further explanation in the regulation process. Most employers will simply choose to say nothing about healthcare reform until these uncertainties are resolved, but that is a mistake and misses a big opportunity.
Time of uncertainty are not times for withdrawal. That shows a lack of leadership. Employees will fill in the blanks in these uncertain times, and that usually makes things worse. A strong leader will address these concerns, even if he or she is confused too.
Unskilled managers believe they look weak if they don’t have all the answers. Strong leaders know that what employees want to know most is that the leader understands their concerns, is empathetic and will confidently plot a course as things become clear, even if at this moment

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Hartford Nursing Home Residents At Risk

Let’s hope that residents of four Hartford, CT, nursing facilities don’t read our article about the risk of death in unionized healthcare facilities. With the SEIU-affiliated employees of Spectrum Healthcare planning on going on strike “until a settlement is reached,” their level of care and attention may be suspect. Since the employees have been without a contract for over a year, it may not bode well for the residents. No matter how many temporary workers Spectrum can bring to the workforce, there is no replacing the intimacy and history that current nurses and staff with each of the residents, and it is never in the patients’ best interests when healthcare employees abandon their posts to strike.

Are Healthcare Unions Deadly?

The National Bureau of Economic Research released a new paper titled “Do Strikes Kill? Evidence from New York State.” The abstract states “that nurses’ strikes increase in-hospital mortality by 19.4% and 30-day readmission by 6.5% for patients admitted during a strike.”

The ability for unions to have access to hospital employees was deferred for many years over such concerns, but until now there was no data to validate assumptions. Perhaps now is the time to begin asking if allowing unions in the healthcare arena was such a good idea, and if the decision to do so should be rescinded.

Union Free Patients Live Longer… Study Shows Strikes Kill Patients

Many consider strikes in healthcare immoral or, at the very least, unethical. Here’s a very good example of why. This study explains that there are higher mortality rates among patients cared for in striking patient care units. Is it too late to add a no-strike clause to the healthcare bill?

SEIU Thugs Attack YouTube Video

Check out this video that tells about SEIU thugs attacking an innocent man. [flashvideo provider=youtube file=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGr8oYV50l8&playnext_from=TL&videos=26RRfV8ebSs /]

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INK: April 8, 2010

inkquill22 Labor Relations INK

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Labor Relations Insight from Phil Wilson

Promoters and Detractors

Your ear is still ringing. It’s been several minutes since the last call, but you can’t bear to count how many pink message slips remain in

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SEIU Watch

The SEIU vs. NUHW court battle is raging on at the moment, and until it has ended, we won’t spend much time covering the blow-by-blow of the contest. It was telling that within the first week of the trial, the SEIU was forced to admit that many of the tactics it was accusing its former local members of, were actually not illegal! To save face, the SEIU dropped many of their accusations, and lowered the damage amount they were seeking from $25 million to around $5 million.

Carl Finnamore, who has been attending the court sessions, had this to say after witnessing the opening sessions:

It is said that clarity emerges the victor when an idea is challenged and submitted to critical examination. We shall see that theory tested after the next two weeks of

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Latest Andy Stern YouTube Video

Check out the latest Andy Stern YouTube Video, where the SEIU takes credit for passing healthcare reform.

[flashvideo provider=youtube file=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZvHeeJOy1o&playnext_from=TL&videos=iV80V3xBhBo /]

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