Phil Wilson Consulted For Leadership Article by Fast Company

FastCompany magazine reached out to Phil once again to tap into his expertise on leadership. In an article focusing on the leader’s mental state and how it connections to employee motivation, Phil made the case for maintaining flexibility in management style:

Successful leaders adjust to multiple situations and even multiple seasons in the life of an employee or the life of the company. Even during the course of one week—sometimes even one day—you may be needed one minute, but at risk of being seen as a micromanager the next.

Phil was referencing in particular the concept of “right space,” part of the Approachable Leadership model outlined in The Approachability Playbook.

Phil Interviewed as Pivotal Leader on Pivot10 Podcast

Pivot10, a company focused on helping businesses with company culture and employee engagement, featured an interview with Phil discussing Approachable Leadership. Podcast topics included:

Going from broken to positive leadership The employment relationship – a different kind of “marriage” Leveraging leadership to turn things around The “one ring” of leadership philosophy Understanding leadership styles Focusing on connection and approachability The 3 most important questions a leader should ask “Power Distance” – a leadership failure The “Stop, Listen & Confirm” approach Strategies for leadership training consultants

Zenefits Blog Quotes Phil On Approachability

In this Zenefits Blog article on 5 Things Employees Value More Than Salary, approachability was listed as the number 2 item. Phil reinforced the value of approachability:

“Our research finds that this one factor alone is correlated to 89 percent of employee satisfaction, 88 percent of willingness to go above and beyond at work, and a 71 percent decrease in turnover intention.”

Union Bailout Update

Alex Acosta

The DOL under new head Alexander Acosta has withdrawn two memos (or administrative interpretations) originally posted by the Wage & Hour division related to independent contractor and joint employer status. Although such action does not change any law, it does signal the administration’s possible intention to backtrack up the slippery slope of joint employer issues.

The administration also revoked a 2013 Letter of Interpretation which allowed non-employee union members to attend OSHA inspections, even when no employees at the targeted company were represented by a union.

The DOL has also signaled that it intends to revoke the Persuader Rule, publishing a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that will take public comment on rescinding the rule altogether.

Acosta apparently

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Wilson Quoted Regarding Persuader Rule

In a June 9 article on the Persuader Rule, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reached out to LRI president and general council Phil Wilson for comment. Phil reminded the readers that although the rule is under an injunction, it is also technically in effect, and the only way to be “completely the rule goes away” is another rule making.

The Office of Labor-Management Standards posted notice in the Federal Register to rescind the rule, and the comment period is now open. Check here or on the image below for details and to post comments.


Phil Explains LM-2 Treasure to SHRM Readers

In a recent article for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) website, Phil describes how to research a union using the LM-2 form, which all unions must provide to the government.


Wilson Presents at SHRM D.C. Gathering

On March 14, LRI President Phil Wilson co-presented at the Society for Human Resource Management Employment Law & Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C., with Mike VanDervort, the Executive Director of CUE, Inc.

The two addressed risk assessment to union encroachment in light of the new administration and evolving union strategies. SHRM summarized the take-aways from the presentation in this article.

Phil Quoted On Union Membership Decline

The Society for Human Resource Management recently reached out to a variety of experts in the field of labor relations, looking for explanations for the latest decline in union membership, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In the article, LRI’s president highlighted on of the causes: “Despite all of the negative PR [public relations] unions like to heap on U.S. businesses, the fact is that most working people do not believe they are mistreated or need the protection of a union.”

Phil Teaches COPE in Ardmore

The Arbuckle Area SHRM chapter and the Southern Oklahoma Leadership Luncheon came together Jan. 12th to host LRI President Phil Wilson, as he addressed the core leadership skill of follow up and follow through. Phil led the group through one of the learning modules of the Approachable Leadership Learning System, and taught the COPE method – Capture, Organize, Prioritize, and Execute.

How Does Labor Relations Change Under Trump? Phil Quoted in SHRM

shrmWe all know to expect changes in labor relations when Trump takes office. But what those changes are remain yet to be determined. While it’s easy to expect him to be more pro-business than the Obama administration, in a recent SHRM article, Phil suggests that we need to be careful not to assume too much.

“The Trump administration won’t necessarily be in lock step with the establishment GOP on labor issues,” he stated.

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